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尊敬的社会各界朋友Dear friends from all walks of life

在此,殷切期望各界朋友,一如既往地关心艾瑞库、支持艾瑞库,携手合作,互惠互利,共同创造“艾瑞库”更加辉煌的明天 !

Thanks for your attention to Anhui Erecool Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.!
As professional manufacturer of automobile engine cooling water pump and oil pump, in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, Erecool Vehicle has thrived and had rapid development. Since its establishment, Erecool has made continuous innovation and development in management mechanism, product quality, marketing model, corporate culture and other aspects, and achieved remarkable results. Today, Erecool is like a giant ship, sails through wind and waves, and sails in the ocean of market economy.
Today, international situation is unpredictable, market economy tide is surging. Erecool people firmly grasps enterprise development strategy, with people-oriented science development, focuses on building national brand, highlights industry’s superb technology, enhances competitiveness of enterprises, and the business philosophy of building Erecool "bigger, stronger, and more refined" is deeply rooted.
In this, we earnestly hope that all the friends, as always, will concerned about Erecool, support Erecool, work together, create mutual benefit, and commonly create "Erecool"’s more brilliant tomorrow!